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Professional Tips to Extend Carpet Life

No matter how much you scrub and wash your windows if your carpets are stained and odorous, your cleaning efforts are fruitless. The age of Every carpet with time and needs to be eventually replaced.
As a leading expert in carpet restoration and replacement industry, we know how costly and time consuming it is to find new carpeting and having it installed. This becomes even more cumbersome if you are doing it more often than you should have to. Yes, certain types of carpet last longer than others, but the key to extending carpet life lies in routine cleaning and good maintenance.

Top Tips from Professionals to Extend Carpet Life

Tip 1: Regular Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming is the minimum requirement of owning and maintaining a fine carpet flooring. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways of getting the most out of your carpet. It should be noted that all vacuum cleaners do not have the same suction quality. So settling for a cheap product can lead to inefficiency and even disservice.
Dirt and soil particles get stuck deep within the fibres of your carpet and cause scrapes and scratches when you walk over them. Using a quality vacuum cleaner with powerful suction will help you remove all debris.

Tips 2: Buy and Use Door Mats

More than 90% of dirt and dust in your carpet is transferred to it from your shoes. Every time you come home, you bring a myriad of debris and bacteria for carpeting. Therefore, it is best that your first step inside the house is on a doormat. And not just in the main door, you should make certain they are placed in common areas which receive high foot traffic like a living room and kitchen. Using doormats in high foot traffic areas can help you extend the overall life of your carpets.

Tip 3: Remove Spills and Stains ASAP!

The longer you allow a spill to sit on the carpet the harder it becomes to get rid of it. According to Carpet Cleaning Banora Point experts, work on removing spills and stains as soon as you spot them. Failing to act immediately will allow it to get inside the carpet padding and cause extensive damage. Moreover, a spill can turn into a permanent stain if it is not cleaned straight away.
Remove spills and stains as soon as possible to preserve the natural colour and beauty of your carpet.

Tips 4: Reorganise Your Furniture

If left unchecked, heavy furniture such as a couch, table, and settee can make depressions on your valuable carpeting. Besides low-quality fabric and weave, the most common reason for this problem is continuous and unbroken pressure on a specific part of the carpet. You should ask the seller to recommend a carpet which can withstand heavy pressure from furniture without suffering any permanent damage.

Tip 5: Choose Your Pet Carefully

It’s not easy to keep both carpets and pets satisfied at the same time. While choosing what kind of pet you want for your children, consider the pros and cons of each one and see what suits best for your carpet. Most importantly, make sure they can be easily trained.
Some species of pet shed more hair than others, contributing to the accumulation of debris, allergens, fleas, pests, dust, dirt, and soil particles. Young and untrained pets have greater chances of soiling your carpet than trained ones. Getting rid of a pet stain requires professional treatment and can cost a great deal in the long run.

Tip 6: Introduce a No-Shoe Zone

No matter how shiny your shoes look, they still carry thousands of dirt, bacteria, allergens, and pathogens in their soles which you do not want transferring to your carpeting. These contaminants latch on to the soles of your shoes when you walk on pavement. And as you walk across your living room, they get transferred to the crimped fibres of your carpet. As a preventive measure, it is advisable to make your premises a no-shoe zone. Everyone has to take off their shoes before coming inside, in order to leave dirt and bacteria outside.

Tip 7: Know Your Carpet Fabric

It is crucial that you know everything about the fabric of your carpeting before purchasing it. After all, it will look new and shiny for only so long before the wear and tear of time sets in. Cleaning a carpet safely and effectively requires the use of appropriate and suitable cleaning methods and solutions.

Always inquire the seller about various types of carpet fabric available and their individual pros and cons before making a decision. Ask which fabric is more resistant to dirt and liquid spills; which fabric is more resistant to physical wear and tear; which fabric is more suitable for mere decoration. Various aspects of each carpet fabric must be evaluated and weighed before making the final decision.

Tip 8: Periodic Professional Cleaning

All carpets require periodic professional cleaning and restoration to preserve their natural beauty and lustre. It is recommended to hire professional technicians every 4 to 6 months depending on the condition of your carpet. Like all other things, expert skill and knowledge are required for ensuring a long life for carpet.

Sparkling Cleaning Services Professional Carpet Technicians

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