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6 Steps To Prevent Carpet Mold After Water Damage

Carpet mould after water flooding is a very critical problem which can damage your valuable carpeting. So, take a quick action for mould prevention and hire carpet water damage repair services. There could be several reasons for flood damage in your carpet such as broken pipeline or accidentally tap is remained open by your any family member. So, It becomes really necessary for you that bring professionals for Carpet flood damage inspection so that you can find out the exact reason of water damage in your home.

For those homeowners who have to deal with water damaged carpet issue in their home and want to fix this problem by yourself, follow our helpful guidelines. By applying our treatments, you can protect your carpet from mould or mildew.

Flood Damage Restoration Services

Stop Mould From Growing Under Your Carpet with Simple Steps.

  1. Start Dehumidifying to Eliminate The Moisture:

    You can effectively use a dehumidifier for removing the remaining moisture from the air that can cause the mould after still water is excluded from carpets.
  2. Remove Water From Your Carpet or Rugs:

    If you are trying to prevent mould from growing up in your carpet, remove the water as soon as possible. Because a wet carpet can cause mould or mildew in your carpeting and flooring. So, it is a very essential step to restore your carpet vacuum is best for fast water removal. The process of water damage carpet cleaning can be used to protect the carpet from growing mould.
  3. Circulate The Air:

    If you want to get a perfect solution for mould prevention, circulate the air through fans. Open windows too, for circulating the air accurately in your room. By using this procedure, you can protect your carpet flooring from stuffy air which can create humidity or mould. After circulating the air, you can also apply deodorants to remove musty mould odours.
  4. Sanitize and Deodorization:

    You can also utilise the steam cleaner and sanitising compounds for prevention in your carpet flooring. Clean your carpet with disinfecting cleaning solvents and leave your carpet to dry up. So, you can prevent humidity and mould from growing up. For getting the perfect result, you can get help from carpet restoration specialists who can give you the right information and services at your place.
  5. Examine Your Furniture After Water Flood:

    First, examine your furniture and remove it from the wet carpet flooring. If you found any moisturized area or water damage, fix it by drying up process.
  6. Clean Carpet Surfaces, Walls and Baseboard:

    For eliminating the humidity, clean carpet surfaces, walls and baseboard and allow them to dry up properly.
Carpet Water Damage Restoration 

Restore Your Flood Damaged Carpet with A Professional Assistant

Sparkling Cleaning Services is leasing the active and professional services of Flood Damage Restoration in Brisbane. If you want to get the quickest and affordable services at your desired place, call our professionals. We provide a perpetual solution for your flood damaged carpet. We have professional workers who are passionately giving services all over in Brisbane.

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Carpet Cleaning in Warmer Months

Whenever it comes to keep up with carpet cleaning and maintenance over summers, it is like a toll on the average household. It is a time when dirt, dust, pollens, and debris are prevalent than ever, and also find their way into your homes. But you do not have to drop the idea that carpet floorings need more cleaning, you can simply follow a few suggestions to take a load off of doing the extra work during the summer.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Enlist A Team of Professionals For Cleaning Your Carpets.

During summer months, having a team of carpet cleaning experts with all the modern types of equipment to take care of your carpet area is a great commandment of the great house. If you want to maintain your carpets and minimize the potential wear during summer, simply hire professional carpet cleaning services that best suit your needs.

Invest in Good Doorway Mats and Runners

To protect your carpets from all the dirt, pollens, organic oils, germs, allergens, and bacteria you need to install doorway mats at the entrance of your house. To avoid all these impurities rub your footwear every time you enter your house. if the fibers of your doorway mats are worn, snapped off, or clogged then you need to visit your local hardware store and purchase some strong bristled, good quality of mats for your home’s entrance.

Make Sure That Vacuum Cleaner Works Well

If you find vacuum cleaning your carpets a little too demanding, then your vacuum cleaner might need some updating. If your vacuum cleaner does not work well then you need to vacuum your carpets again and again. This can be very irritating so you need to update your vacuum cleaner and choose a new vacuum cleaner with more power and effective cleaning.

Keep Your Footwear Out Of The Way

With a false odor, your shoes can also bring a lot of nasty dirt, mud, filth with them. To stop this you need to invest in a good quality shoe box and make it sure that it is located somewhere convenient where children can also reach. Summer months are great to re-in force no shoe inside a rule and especially if sporty adolescents and small children are a part of your household. This can be a great step for carpet disinfection.

Ensure That The Pet Beds are Appropriate to Weather

The more cushioning and foam your pet bed has, the more dirt and dust mites will hang onto it. Pets are usually happy in a breathable hammock, you just need to wash your pet’s bedding regularly and make sure it is hygienic.

Best Carpet Cleaning Services

How Can We Help You?

We at Sparkling Cleaning Services can provide you Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Hobart. We have a team of professionals, always ready to provide you with properly cleaned carpets with the help of modern techniques and equipment.

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Thursday, 3 October 2019

Bed Bugs Treatment To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

A professional bed bugs treatment will cure the problem in a day or two, whereas doing it yourself could take a month or more.

Bed bugs are tough creatures that live in cracks and crevices in the wall, floor and ceiling, in furniture, clothing, bedding, and furnishings in areas where people sleep.

Bed bugs can survive most chemical sprays because they have a waxy coat which prevents the pesticide from actually contacting the insect's skin and killing it.

Once you are sure that you have to carry out treatment for bed bugs, you have to formulate a plan. Firstly, you pack all your clothing, bedding and towels - all your stuff and take it to the dry cleaners or launderette. Get them to wash everything at as high a temperature as the fabric will withstand and put them in sealed plastic bags.

Clean up all the clutter you have lying around - books, magazines, and newspapers. Put the ironing away and buy a laundry basket that you can seal tightly. Be prepared to put things away in the future because bed bugs love clutter where they can hide out during daylight.

Meanwhile, prepare to redecorate. Strip the wallpaper and roll up the carpets. Squash any bed bugs you see. Remove the skirting boards and architraves and spray diatomaceous earth or a substitute (powdered glass) into your furniture, bed frame, box spring and behind everything.

Then re-fix the woodwork and seal it shut with mastic or silicone. Fill all the cracks and crevices in the plasterwork and redecorate. Relay the carpets and use a steam cleaner to provide heat treatment on them. Spray permethrins or another bed bug spray onto the carpets and skirting.

Continue your bed bugs treatment by sealing your mattress in a mattress cover. Stand the legs of your bed in small cups and put a little oil in each to catch any surviving bed bugs and do not let your bedclothes drape on the floor.

Your bedroom should now be free of bed bugs, but you will have to do this in every room and you will have to monitor the situation because bed bugs can survive six months without eating and so can their eggs.

The diatomaceous earth is rough and will scrape the way off the bed bugs allowing the insecticide to kill the bugs, but it takes a while - days or weeks. Steam is the best way of killing bed bugs and their eggs, but sealing up the woodwork and plasterwork will stop the bugs from getting out anyway.

When exercising bed bugs treatment techniques, you cannot cut corners because one insect can lay hundreds of eggs and you will soon have the problem back again, but you must remain vigilant because the prevention of bed bugs is easier than pest control.

Continue exercising your bed bugs treatment techniques by putting diatomaceous earth down every week or two, because it is safe for pets and for you. For more info about bed bug treatment, contact a professional Pest Removal Brisbane company.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

How to Get Professional Carpet Cleaning Services for My Office?

Carpet Cleaning Services
Compared to the residential carpet the carpets present in offices have to tolerate a lot of traffic. Hence, it is obvious that in little time your office carpet will appear worn out, torn out and even faded. Even if you vacuum them regularly, you cannot improve their conditions when they are dirty. When you have birthday parties at your office you will notice that somehow the delicious frosting has made its way to the carpet. Even the daily coffee breaks have proven to be more harmful. This is because you never know how many times people working have spilt their coffee over the carpets.

The comprehensive processes of commercial carpet cleaning involve carpet dirt removal, debris, bacteria and stubborn spots and stains of food and drinks. The carpets are cleaned with the help of most advanced machinery that uses powerful hot water extraction system reaching roots of the carpets and elimination of dirt, allergens and stains. This cleaning method is known to be one of the best carpet steam cleaning solutions, cleans and deodorizes the fibres of the carpet. It not only will help you in protecting you but will also extend the life of the carpets.

Also, Know This:  Some Proven Ways For Extending Carpet Life

Some carpet cleaning services use a powerful, truck-mounted vacuum system that extracts more thoroughly than other standard methods. It will leave your carpet almost dry to touch. The best carpet cleaning company will process more quantities of hot water through the carpet, making it perfect for cleaning highly soiled and stained areas. This unique process not only produces superior cleaning but also introduces with very low drying time.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services

Importance of Cleaning Carpet at Regular Intervals

The professional carpet cleaners are of the belief that a healthy home starts with clean carpets. Hence, you should never cover the stains and odours rather remove them. Carpets wear and tear a lot over time, trapping a lot of dirt and dust tracked into the office every day. Unless carpet deep cleaning is done, it is often overlooked and results in accumulation of moulds and bacteria to grow. This would make your employees sicker causing unexpected breakdowns. The professional carpet cleaning services can avoid you form such health hazards through the elimination of dirt, bacteria, moulds and various types of allergens. It will bring out the original colour of the carpets.

When you are choosing a carpet cleaning service, look for the services of carpet deep cleaning, faster drying of the carpets as well as a healthier office environment for your employees. There are services that provide carbonated treatment such as the club soda as the primary carpet cleaning solution. This penetrates deep into the carpet fibres, thereby lifting dirt from deep within the carpets. This whisks away the dirt with powerful extraction equipment, giving you the most cleaned and healthy carpets.

Best Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services
The best carpet cleaning services use low water method, which means there is less risk of mould and mildew growth under the carpet resulting from excessive use of water. The steam carpet cleaners mostly generate an excessive amount of water. Look for the services that use natural and eco-friendly products, as it is safe and non-toxic for the environment as well as for your office.

To Get The Services on Call

We Sparkling Cleaning Services has extensive experience in meeting large-scale demands of the commercial spaces. We follow specific processes and methods that have been designed to expedite the process, ensuring that your space is clean and ready for use. Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide will help in keeping the high traffic areas looking their best. We specialize in commercial areas such as the retail stores, office spaces, hotels and event venues, schools and universities and cafes and restaurants.

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Tuesday, 13 August 2019


Unfortunate and unexpected things always happen in everybody’s life, may it be the office, at workplace or it could be in the house itself. Talking about the ladies of the house, they are much irritated with the odd happenings at the house. Just the same way cleanliness, if to be discussed, is a major task for everybody and of course, as expected in the least price it could be. Everybody has carpets at their places, may it be their workplace or their home sweet home for a simple and a beautifully furnished outlook of the place. But as everybody knows cleanliness is led by litter, so to clean that litter from the carpets, there are some amazing ideas to get the carpets clean in least amount of money used but yes, with some mechanical efforts to put in.

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Coming of the customers at the workplace and guests in the home is a common action of every individual’s life. To talk about how the carpets gets littered off are almost known but to mention a few of them, it could be a glass of drink slips off the hand and the carpets wets out with stain on it, may it be a child’s naughtiness to throw the eatable items like nuts or biscuits, to mention a few, that gets into a fibrous carpet even or many more reasons. One more way that could make our carpets look dirty but the reason for the same is genuine to mention i.e. if any individual gets to strike a cut and the blood falls on the carpet that looks dirty and irritating too.


Here, to mention all ideas to get a cleaner carpet, may it be cheaper, normal or expensive. The very first one and quite famous remedy to use is vacuum cleaners that are usually available at almost every living place in this era or to mention the modern era. The advanced technology used in vacuum cleaners pulls out the dirt particles if they are dry or sometimes wet too but it has a limitation and that is, its inlet gets blocked if a bigger sized particle(above permissible size) gets into it, so it is not that helpful. Next to move, to use easy wash type of materials i.e. use the washing material which is not harsh to the fabric of the carpet like easy wash and many more being invented nowadays. Next idea is to use vinegar, liquid hand or dishwashing detergent and nail wipes for cleaning purpose. This section is to be discussed in the next paragraph.

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To reduce a small little burden from the shoulders of a common man in this highly expensive century, the Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane are the best remedy to resolve the conflict of litter and cleanliness is to use small some ingredients that are always available in every house. The ingredients are Vinegar (more appropriately alcohol or an acid if available), washing detergent and nail cleaner wipes. It is basically used to remove stains from carpets that are not vanished by the normal wash. Put some vinegar (or alcohol) and above mentioned detergent on the stain, take a wipe and keep it on the stain for a minute and then put a dry cloth on it to dry the carpet. The stain completely disappears and also it never harms the fabric of the carpet.


Some people are unable to put efforts because of any reason, our company Sparkling Cleaning Services has highly trained professional carpet cleaners and also on the online requests for the sake of cleanliness with our different types of products and carpet steam cleaning at the cheapest price that no company would offer. The techniques are new, equipped with advanced technologies and the professionals visiting your places are also very friendly to talk to and to discuss any issue you might be facing. Call freely as our company is always available for its customers.

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Professional Tips to Extend Carpet Life

No matter how much you scrub and wash your windows if your carpets are stained and odorous, your cleaning efforts are fruitless. The age of Every carpet with time and needs to be eventually replaced.
As a leading expert in carpet restoration and replacement industry, we know how costly and time consuming it is to find new carpeting and having it installed. This becomes even more cumbersome if you are doing it more often than you should have to. Yes, certain types of carpet last longer than others, but the key to extending carpet life lies in routine cleaning and good maintenance.

Top Tips from Professionals to Extend Carpet Life

Tip 1: Regular Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming is the minimum requirement of owning and maintaining a fine carpet flooring. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways of getting the most out of your carpet. It should be noted that all vacuum cleaners do not have the same suction quality. So settling for a cheap product can lead to inefficiency and even disservice.
Dirt and soil particles get stuck deep within the fibres of your carpet and cause scrapes and scratches when you walk over them. Using a quality vacuum cleaner with powerful suction will help you remove all debris.

Tips 2: Buy and Use Door Mats

More than 90% of dirt and dust in your carpet is transferred to it from your shoes. Every time you come home, you bring a myriad of debris and bacteria for carpeting. Therefore, it is best that your first step inside the house is on a doormat. And not just in the main door, you should make certain they are placed in common areas which receive high foot traffic like a living room and kitchen. Using doormats in high foot traffic areas can help you extend the overall life of your carpets.

Tip 3: Remove Spills and Stains ASAP!

The longer you allow a spill to sit on the carpet the harder it becomes to get rid of it. According to Carpet Cleaning Banora Point experts, work on removing spills and stains as soon as you spot them. Failing to act immediately will allow it to get inside the carpet padding and cause extensive damage. Moreover, a spill can turn into a permanent stain if it is not cleaned straight away.
Remove spills and stains as soon as possible to preserve the natural colour and beauty of your carpet.

Tips 4: Reorganise Your Furniture

If left unchecked, heavy furniture such as a couch, table, and settee can make depressions on your valuable carpeting. Besides low-quality fabric and weave, the most common reason for this problem is continuous and unbroken pressure on a specific part of the carpet. You should ask the seller to recommend a carpet which can withstand heavy pressure from furniture without suffering any permanent damage.

Tip 5: Choose Your Pet Carefully

It’s not easy to keep both carpets and pets satisfied at the same time. While choosing what kind of pet you want for your children, consider the pros and cons of each one and see what suits best for your carpet. Most importantly, make sure they can be easily trained.
Some species of pet shed more hair than others, contributing to the accumulation of debris, allergens, fleas, pests, dust, dirt, and soil particles. Young and untrained pets have greater chances of soiling your carpet than trained ones. Getting rid of a pet stain requires professional treatment and can cost a great deal in the long run.

Tip 6: Introduce a No-Shoe Zone

No matter how shiny your shoes look, they still carry thousands of dirt, bacteria, allergens, and pathogens in their soles which you do not want transferring to your carpeting. These contaminants latch on to the soles of your shoes when you walk on pavement. And as you walk across your living room, they get transferred to the crimped fibres of your carpet. As a preventive measure, it is advisable to make your premises a no-shoe zone. Everyone has to take off their shoes before coming inside, in order to leave dirt and bacteria outside.

Tip 7: Know Your Carpet Fabric

It is crucial that you know everything about the fabric of your carpeting before purchasing it. After all, it will look new and shiny for only so long before the wear and tear of time sets in. Cleaning a carpet safely and effectively requires the use of appropriate and suitable cleaning methods and solutions.

Always inquire the seller about various types of carpet fabric available and their individual pros and cons before making a decision. Ask which fabric is more resistant to dirt and liquid spills; which fabric is more resistant to physical wear and tear; which fabric is more suitable for mere decoration. Various aspects of each carpet fabric must be evaluated and weighed before making the final decision.

Tip 8: Periodic Professional Cleaning

All carpets require periodic professional cleaning and restoration to preserve their natural beauty and lustre. It is recommended to hire professional technicians every 4 to 6 months depending on the condition of your carpet. Like all other things, expert skill and knowledge are required for ensuring a long life for carpet.

Sparkling Cleaning Services Professional Carpet Technicians

Sparkling Cleaning Services offers effective, prompt, and reliable professional carpet cleaning and restoration services in and around Sydney. Our expert technicians have more than 20 years of experience in cleaning, repairing, drying, and restoration of all types of carpets. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get a free quote of our Professional Carpet Cleaning Sydney. You can also get in touch with our team by filling out the small contact form on the right side of your screen.

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Does Green Carpet Cleaning Work Better Than Conventional Carpet Cleaning?

Generally people want to have their carpets spot-less using the safest eco-friendly solution. Green carpet cleaning is frequently seen as non-toxic cleaning solutions that are safe and sound for humans and the surroundings. 

The Green movement is in complete force, and more and more people are starting to be familiar with the impact of the products they use have on the atmosphere. Each step that you can acquire to lessen your carbon footprint helps donate to the conservation of the environment. This carpet cleaning method also has any benefits involved in it. Here are few listed below to let you decide which solution is perfect.

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Benefits of Green Carpet Cleaning

Secured Wellbeing

Green Carpet Cleaning products are prepared only with all-natural ingredients. These ingredients are found physically within the environment and are confirmed to have no damaging side effects. When you decide to use this Carpet mould Removal services, you won’t have to be anxious about any toxic fumes escaping out into and get trapped inside your house. This is particularly important for people who have pets and children since they lean to be in faster contact with the floor where they rest, roll around and play in general.

No Mold Growth

This Carpet Dry Cleaning method tends to be much drier. That means, the chances of mold growth and thriving within and beneath your carpet is deeply reduced. If mold ever does start to develop in your carpets, it rapidly begins to extend, and it’s almost impossible to get rid of. It means that the situation usually results in you having to swap your whole carpet.

Budget Friendly

Green Ink Stain Removal products are not only consists of ingredients that are natural, but they are enclosed within biodegradable containers. These containers will naturally go down and won’t add to the Earth’s pollution. The price of using green Carpet mould Removal products is relatively low, so no extra cost is passed onto the consumer.

Gives Deep Cleaning

You don’t have to use damaging chemicals in order to attain a deep clean. In fact, harsh chemicals can frequently leave behind scum that can be injurious. Green carpet cleaning products, however, won’t leave after any remains. They can offer an even deeper clean than conventional carpet cleaning chemicals.

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Why we are the Best for Carpet Stain Removal?

We realize the importance of building a good first notion and know that your carpets and furniture’s play a chief role in causative to the overall figure of your business or home. Our carpet cleaning solutions are safe for any kind of cloth, from the premium to the toughest of fibers. You will not have to waste your time and wealth on trying various kinds of different cleaners from stores. It works very well and at a cost that is easy on the pocket. Our professionals will clean and treat both folds of your mattress and it will dry with a smile on their face. This makes us one of the best Carpet Cleaning in Sydney.

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