Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Curtain Cleaning- Why, When and How, Read More About It Here

A clean household is a sign of a happy household, a productive household. There are many factors that contribute to keeping your household or your workplace clean. Curtain cleaning is one of those, and a major one.
No matter how many times a day you mop the floor, dust the shelves or vacuum your carpet, your household or office space will never be properly clean without curtain cleaning.

Many people tend to straight up ignore the curtains when it comes to cleaning, because of the tedious task of bringing them down and putting them up again, perhaps. That being said, to achieve proper cleanliness of any space, the curtains should be cleaned regularly. Why clean the curtains regularly? Curtains attract dust and absorb odors - Windows circulate air in and out and curtains cover these windows. So, curtains naturally attract dust, odor and other impurities which stay trapped in them. Curtains can become grimy and smelly overtime. Clean your curtains before that. They help to keep your house bright, clean and smelling fresh. You can also hire Commercial Curtain and Blinds Cleaning Melbourne to ensure proper wash.
When or how often to clean the curtains? The interval between each curtain wash depends on your surrounding as well. The general rule is to wash them at least every three months. Professional curtains cleaning helps extend their life, keeps them in good nick and ensure they smell and look clean. Clean your curtains often in following cases: Dusty surroundings- If you live in dusty areas, the once in three months rule doesn’t work for you. Since curtains practically work as filters for airborne particles and dust entering through windows, they would get dirty much faster in a polluted area. If you or a family member has allergies- It is important to wash your curtains more often if your or a member in your family suffers from allergies. Curtain fabric traps common allergens like dust, mould spores, pillar, dander from pets and hair. During damp winter times when windows aren’t often as much, mould in curtains can be a grave problem. Mould spores not only worsen allergies, they can also eat through the fabric. Consider professional curtains cleaning in case of mould.

If you or anybody in the family is a smoker- It is established by now that curtains trap odor and air particles. If anybody in your family smokes, the curtains trap the smoke. Cigarette smoke can make your curtains look old, they will turn grimy soon and smell very odd. So, you need to wash your curtains at least twice a month in this case. If you live near the sea- who would’ve thought there were disadvantages of leaving near the sea! Well, here’s one. The salty sea air is horrible for your curtains as much as to your windows. The same way it can deposit thick layer of salty grime on your window panes, it can do the same to your curtains as well. It pays off to have a hardy fabric curtains that can withstand multiple washings every month if you live near the sea. How to clean the curtains?

Most curtains these days are fully machine washable with the exception of lined, silk, linen or curtains with other sensitive fabrics or ones including embroidery or beading. Curtains that you cannot wash in the machine needs to go to professional curtains cleaners. So, if you do not have a heavy load of curtains and they are washable in the machine, you can wash curtains at home. But, even if the curtains are machine washable, it is still a good idea to have them cleaned professionally as it saves your time, energy and money in the long run. 

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