Saturday, 25 March 2017

Secrets How to Make Your Mattress Last Longer

As you know mattress is big investment in your house which means you want to protect it for as long as possible. You also want to retain the comfort and support your mattress gives you. An air mattress, or air bed, is a type of mattress inflated with air, which can be easily deflated and stored when not in use. An inflatable air mattress is often the go-to solution for overnight guests and camping trips. From cleaning to prevention, a little care and maintenance can go a long way in keeping your mattress in good shape for years to come. When you think that your mattress should be long lasting then it should depend on several factors, including quality of materials, sleeper size and usage. Proper care and maintenance can also play a big role in the lifespan of bed. Try Commercial Mattress Cleaning Brisbane Tips given below.

How to make Your Mattress Last Longer:-
  • Regular rotation allows your mattress to wear out evenly. It also helps prevent softening and depressions on the mattress. If you do not rotate your mattress on regular basis then it can lead to a build-up not just of general dirt but also of substances such as dead skin which can lead to an increased risk of asthma and other problems.
  • With the help of vacuuming helps to keep it free from allergens. It also helps to remove any dust or dirt that would typically produce stains if your mattress were to ever get wet. Removal of these particles keeps your bed fresh, and reduces any risk of producing certain mites that can set off allergic reactions.
  • After few months strip your mattress and let the light in. This helps to keep excess moisture off the mattress. It also helps get rid of dust mites. You should however keep the mattress cover on if it is possible it could get bed bugs. Bed bugs ruin the mattress faster than anything else.
  • Regular remove the stains from your mattress. Use cleaner dedicated to upholstery on the mattresses. This shampoo will remove stains that have accumulated over the last six months. Make sure you adhere to the instructions on the bottle because otherwise, you might harm the mattresses.

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